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Wholesale Clothing – Purchasing Kids Wholesale Clothing For School and Play

There is no doubt that both school and playtime are quite rough on the clothing your children wear during these periods. It doesn’t matter where your child plays; outdoors or indoors, or how he gets to school. You can be sure their clothing will end up with all sorts of tears and stains. As you can expect, it means you will frequently be replacing certain clothing items more often than the others. You won’t be spending a king’s ransom each time you have to do this when you purchase wholesale clothing for the kids school and playwear.Let’s take an example situation such as when your child likes playing with the finger paints or the other classroom art supplies. Despite the fact that children’s safe markers and paints are marketed to be washable out of their clothing, you often find many various stains remaining in the supposedly just cleaned clothes. How about when your young toddler is mesmerized by that pile of dirt in the garden. He just wants to be so much like his father working hard digging through the garden. Besides having to douse the child in a big bucket of water to thoroughly get him clean, his nice new shirt, shorts and underwear all need to be thrown away.Unfortunately, it’s very difficult getting them to wear smocks at school when they start a new paint project. Similarly, when your child plays outside or begs to help in the garden, it’s always quite difficult to get them away from traipsing through mud puddles, or discovering new ways of ripping their clothes to shreds. How can you not appreciate the cute child and the fun he’s having as he does so much damage to his clothes in such a tiny period of time? And this goes on for a good 10 years or so once they begin walking and spending time away from your watchful eye.With all this taken into consideration, when you purchase wholesale clothing for your kids, you should purchase multiple kinds of clothing which are good for specific school functions and play activities. For instance, you could be able to get sweatshirts, sweatpants and sporting clothes that are strong enough for all sorts of play time activities. They are also relatively easy to wash and people don’t mind too much when they see a child in these kind of clothes with a faded grass or mud stain. And if your child just won’t wear a smock at school get him to wear an old sweatshirt over his good shirt. All he colored stains on the sweatshirt may even make him feel too cool to ever take it off.